An Innovative Patented Nano Fuel Catalyst®

Clean Power Plus Questions and Answers

  • 1. What is Cleanpower-Plus

    a. A patented innovative fuel catalyst developed using nanotechnology (technically an additive, but also a catalyst although we do not recover the active ingredients after combustion)
    b.For use in internal combustion engines and ground based turbines(although we have limited experience with this type of engine, we have fuel efficiencies up to 12.3% due to reduction in throttle settings achieving the same power levels)

  • 2. What are the benefits using Cleanpower–Plus

    a. Improved fuel economy by 10-15%
    b. Greatly reduce carbon and varnish deposits
    c. Reduce poisonous harmful emissions 45-60%
    d. Reduce hydrocarbon particulate matter by 60%
    e. Reduce wear metals by 50-60%
    f. Reduces combustion temperature thereby reducing the formation of poisonous harmful NOx emissions
    g. Provides a slight increase in horsepower

  • 3. How Does Cleanpower-Plus Work

    a. Works by exploiting a fundamental inefficiency of incomplete combustion.Cleanpower-Plus simply eliminates the waste currently created by all internal combustion engines.
    b. Cleanpower is added to the fuel and does not require expensive special equipment or components.

  • 4. Current users of Cleanpower-Plus

    a. It was only released to the market late fall of 2016
    b. After a decade of intensive testing, Cleanpower-Plus is now being introduced and evaluated by, prospective clients including trucking companies, railways, power generating stations, mining companies, shipping companies, as well as fuel distributors.

  • 5. What about Engine Warranties

    a. As a rule Engine Manufactures do not endorse specific fuels.
    b. Fuels such as Cleanpower-Plus do not require such endorsements, neither do fuels produced by SHELL, BP, ENI,EXXON,TOTAL, etc.
    c. When Cleanpower-Plus is present in diesel fuel Cleanpower-Plus still conforms to ASTM D975 and EN590 standards.
    d. Diesel treated with Cleanpower-Plus has been tested and certified as EN590 and ASTM D975 compliant and it therefore classifies as a standard fuel. Standard fuels are beyond challenge by engine manufactures as the cause of an engine failure.

  • 6. Does the Manufacturer give guarantees when using Cleanpower-Plus treated fuels

    a. The manufacturer guarantees the use of Cleanpower-Plus to be safe for use, if Cleanpower-Plus can be shown in any type of test or as a result of prolonged use , to have damaged any internal combustion engine , the manufacturer will replace the damaged parts of the engine FREE OF CHARGE
    b. Pay the cost of replacing the part or parts.
    c. Compensate customers from loss of business, whilst said engine is out of service.
    d. Indemnity insurance can be provided, covering any engine failures attributed to the use of Cleanpower-Plus

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Industries Served

CleanPower Plus works by exploiting a fundamental inefficiency, which is a physical limitation suffered by all internal combustion engines i.e. incomplete combustion which means typically about 25% of fuel is lost through the exhaust.

CleanPower Plus provides a more complete combustion at lower temperatures, reducing the amount of fuel injected per combustion cycle, whilst increasing the percentage of the fuel burned that is fully combusted inside the combustion chamber, prior to the exhaust valves opening. This uses less fuel, significantly reduces the poisonous harmful emissions produced and a slight increase in horsepower.

CleanPower Plus simply eliminates the waste currently created by all internal combustion engines.