An Innovative Patented Nano Fuel Catalyst®

CleanPower Plus, a proven patented Nano Fuel Catalyst, which facilitates a more complete combustion at lower temperatures, realizing a reduction in wear metals of 50-60%. CleanPower Plus guarantees a significantly lower cost than your current fuel expenditure, through improved fuel economy as high as 10-15% and lowered harmful poisonous emissions by 45-60%.

  • Minimizes Harmful Emissions

    20% reduction in carbon dioxide
    The earth is getting hotter because of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,
    called the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere is produced by vehicles and industrial processes.

    45-60% reduction in nitrogen dioxide
    A very poisonous brown gas often found in smog and exhaust from vehicles.

    45-60% reduction in sulphur dioxide
    A poisonous gas with a strong smell, used in industry, another cause of air pollution

    60% reduction in particulate matters
    Extremely small particles of a substance or substances, especially those that cause air pollution.

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption

    10-15% reduction in fuel consumption, and higher in older engines.

  • Increases Efficiency

    50-60% reduction in wear metals

    4-5% increase in engine power

    Reduced maintenance, due to less engine wear and fewer carbon deposits throughout the system

    Improved cold starts

COST vs SAVINGS Analysis


An Innovative Patented Nano Fuel Catalyst®

CleanPower Plus is suitable for use in:
Road, Rail and Sea Transportation
Power generation
Ground based turbines
Military vehicles
Mining operations
Backup Power Generation
Extreme Cold Weather Operations